From Jamaica to NYC, How Jamila Souffrant is Helping Others to be Financially Free


How can you become financially free and invest in yourself? Jamila Souffrant, creator of the blog and podcast Journey to Launch has built a financially free life for herself and she’s on a mission to help others reach that destination. She teaches you how to recognize and reframe your true money mindset, how to buy more shares of you, and what 3 steps you can take to move closer to financial independence.

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1. You want people to see themselves in you. Speak to their dreams and ambitions.

2. Be consistent and persistent AF.
3. Pick a medium, double down on it, and deliver good content.
4. When you understand money, life is easy. When you don’t understand money, life is hard.
5. Money is a shift of energy that flows through us. Our energy in this world allows us to be abundant.
6. Get real about where you currently are with your income, your debt, and your expenses. Rip the bandaid off. Knowing your starting point is the only way to measure the steps forward.
7. Buy more shares of yourself. Invest in your mindset. There’s no cutoff to the return on that investment.
8. Our “failures” and the things we leave on the table are still a part of us. It doesn’t mean it’s over. They contribute to the fabric of who you are today.


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