How Derek Sivers Built CD Baby & the Wonder that Followed


How do you know when to let go of an old dream, and pivot so you can make an even bigger contribution? Derek Sivers, writer, entrepreneur, musician, and founder of CD Baby has an unrelenting thirst for new challenges and new growth. He shares how to make the decision to get laser focused on a different calling, let yourself evolve into a new personality, question your own answers, and trust that being unapologetically you can work in your favor.

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  1. Let each new creation to have its own personality.
  2. If your energy is dissipated among too many things, it can’t catch fire – but when you do, something will catch. Laser focus can make all the difference in the world.
  3. Your actions reveal your values better than your words.
  4. Perseverance is not doing the same thing over and over again. It’s trying different things until you get what you’re after.
  5. Go beyond your first reaction. Question your own answers.
  6. Each idea deserves its own spotlight.
  7. Life is a never ending exploration. There are so many ways to look at different things from different angles.
  8. Trust that standing out from the crowd and doing the opposite can work in your favor. Try it to find out.


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