An Eye Opening Conversation About Committing to Your Big Leap – Gay Hendricks


How can you commit to making a big leap that could change your life? Gay Hendricks, bestselling author of more than 40 books, including The Big Leap has spent decades helping people break through their upper limit and rise to their full potential. He shares how to soar towards your genius spiral, how a simple change in breathing can change your life, and how to stop being a doer so you can become a receiver to the opportunities all around you.

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  1. Make a commitment to change your situation. When you commit, the universe re-accommodates itself for this new thing you want.
  2. We each have a spark within us if we choose to nourish it. It can take us into a new version of our lives.
  3. Instead of pointing at the world and saying “Why are you doing this to me”, ask yourself, “I wonder what I want, and what I can really commit to being in my life.”
  4. You’re only one breath away from changing your life.
  5. Be open and willing to learn from all of life.
  6. To find your genius, go in room alone for 10 minute. Sit quietly and ask yourself over and over again, “What is my genius? What do I love to do so much that it makes me lose track of time?”
  7. Surface your “but”s. Find out what “but”s are holding you back and get them out of the way.
  8. Say one sentence about something you want. Say it out loud. Notice how you feel in your body.
  9. Whenever you get stuck – take a breath, move your body, and love the thing that needs to be loved.


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