How the Most Successful Producer of All Time Created Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind – Brian Grazer


How does an open mind and a genuine interest in other human beings lead to winning Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, and Grammy awards? The legendary producer Brian Grazer has always been fascinated by the amount of knowledge he could learn from making space for someone else to feel seen and heard. He shares how he had the tenacity to have curiosity conversations with accomplished figures like Warren Beatty, how to make every interaction a win-win, and what is the most essential element to a successful story.

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  1. Make the conversation a win-win. Do your research, be informed, meet them with kind eyes. Give them the opportunity to grow with you.
  2. Have an open mind. Be aggressively curious and present.
  3. Capture the moment. Be grateful for the moment. Everything happens when you’re in the moment.
  4. Create mechanisms that get you out of your comfort zone.
  5. You have to connect with people in order to build something. No one builds alone.
  6. Excite people on your mission so it becomes theirs too.
  7. Have an extreme point of view. Be unapologetically committed to a belief system.


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