How to Quit Playing Small – Ahyiana Angel


How do you recognize where you’re holding yourself back, and break through that upper limit? Ahyiana Angel, podcaster, author, and entrepreneur is leading by example and inspiring unfulfilled souls to quit playing small and share their gifts with the people who need them. She shares how to reframe and regain control of your narrative, take action to move the needle forward, and make the switch, pivot, or quit from the life that’s keeping you from reaching for all that is possible.

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  1. Quit playing small.
  2. Allow your voice to be heard. Allow yourself to be seen, even in the spaces you don’t think you deserve to be.
  3. Think in favor of yourself instead of against yourself. Act as if everything will go in favor of you.
  4. You’re in control of narrative. You can change the scroll.
  5. If something pulling you in direction, explore it. Try it on for size before you make the major decision.
  6. Swallow the discomfort and put yourself out there. Start moving the needle for yourself.
  7. We all have something special to share. If you sit on that, you’re letting down a whole group of people who could benefit from your gifts. They need it and they deserve it.


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