How to Build an Online Product Based Business – Jadah Sellner


How can serving from a place of love scale your online community? Jadah Sellner, serial entrepreneur, podcaster, and cofounder of Simple Green Smoothies discovered her gift for growing an audience by listening and delivering the exact thing they were seeking. She shares her 5 S’s to building a sustainable business, the self care plan to keep your cup full, and the roadmap to create a successful challenge where everyone gets a win.

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  1. Show your dance moves on the dance floor. Let your audience know how you can provide value.
  2. Double down on the thing that’s already working. Rinse and repeat instead of always innovating new ideas.
  3. Sell from a place of service. Focus on the transformation, not the transaction.
  4. Your business can only be sustainable if you take care of yourself first. You can’t pour from an empty cup.
  5. Unhook your self worth from your net worth. Focus on love over metrics.
  6. There are no unique messages. There are only unique messengers.


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