How Candace Nelson Baked Her Sprinkles Cupcake Empire from Her Little Condo Kitchen



What’s the recipe to a thriving business that revolves around the simple, classic treat of a cupcake? Candace Nelson, co-founder of Sprinkles, Pizzana, pastry chef, podcaster, and Sugar Rush producer & judge never knew where her food entrepreneurship would take her when she started baking in her tiny condo kitchen. She shares how she found the right customers for her $3 cupcakes, how Sprinkles got into the hands of Oprah, how story educates your audience about your product, and how to let the voice of fear guide you to your next adventure.

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  1. Test the market in a small way before you go all in.

  2. Be flexible and open to where your business takes you. It’s not always where you think it’s going to be.

  3. Not everyone will be ready for you to change, but continue to evolve and challenge yourself. You’ll find the sweet spot where you can still serve them.

  4. It’s not about knowing how to start. You just start.

  5. There will always be room when you have a vision, find your voice, and own what you do.

  6. If you’re no longer growing, you’re not just stagnant – you’re dying. Don’t surrender to that voice of fear. Let it motivate you.

  7. Bake and create with love.


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