How to Be A Better Grown Up & Remember How to Fly – Brad Montague



How do you remember your forgotten ideas, characters, stories, parts of yourself – and release them back into the world? Brad Montague Montague Workshop, writer, artist, doodler, bestselling author, and creator of the viral Kid President video series is an expert when it comes to listening to kids and nurturing the wonder that’s within all of them and us He shares how to celebrate the brilliant imagination in every soul, why you don’t need to be spectacular but just be there for someone else, and how you can better humanity by constantly creating and making from a place of love ️ Listen to this incredible conversation here

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  1. Each person matters in the symphony of humanity. Listening to the smallest voice is giant act of love that we should all do.

  2. Everyone longs for acceptance and love. Tell them, “I have a table for you, come on over. I’m glad you’re here.”

  3. There is greatness, a divine spark in every person that has to be nurtured and loved out of them.

  4. There is a cave of forgotten songs, lost stories, and businesses. Let’s bring them out of the cave. Humanity is better for it.

  5. Create from love. What do you want to say? What’s in your heart of hearts? What do you have to share?

  6. Kids – and adults – just want us to be there.

  7. Be fiercely protective of imagination and the wild joy that’s in all of us.


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