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How can you flip the negative beliefs you’ve created around money? Ramit Sethi, bestselling author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to find the idea that’ll grow into a financially flourishing business. He helps Cathy break through her limiting mindset around money, shares his advice on charging and pricing your work, and gives you the next steps on how you can start dreaming guilt-free about your rich life.

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  1. Don’t cut back on the lattes or the things that bring you joy. Focus on the big wins. 

  2. Turn up the money dial. What would your life look like if you spent 4 times more on the thing you love?

  3. Don’t apologize for what you want. You get to choose your rich life.

  4. Set aside time to ask yourself, “What do I currently charge? What should I charge?” There’s no right or wrong answer. Allow yourself to dream.

  5. Why pay less when you can pay more?

  6. Find the right fishing holes.

  7. It’s better to keep testing your idea, instead of being fixated on the wrong one. Validate the idea to see if people will pay.

  8. When you tell yourself, “I’m not ready,” you’re not helping anyone. You don’t have to be the world’s best. You just have to be a little bit ahead of the people you’re serving. 


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