A Mind Blowing Conversation About the Way We Think – Mark Gober



What is possible when you change your reality? Mark Gober, author of An End to Upside Down Thinking and podcast host of Where Is My Mind? let his curiosity lead him into a new world about the way our consciousness really works. He shares the fascinating discoveries and evidence he gathered about how we are all interconnected, how to let the challenges transcend you into your evolution, and why each one of us is truly significant.

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  1. We are just individual whirlpools, made from the same stream of consciousness. 

  2. Sometimes when the brain isn’t functioning, the mind is functioning better than ever.

  3. We should approach what we know with intellectual humility. It can always change.

  4. In truth, there is only one mind. We are all connected.

  5. You have a great deal of significance. Your core identity is not limited to your body.

  6. Don’t back away from a challenge. Challenges arise to help you transcend and overcome something.

  7. Happiness is the innate nature of consciousness.

  8. You’re not bound to the outcome. So follow your passion and let yourself be liberated, no matter what happens.


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