Gabby Bernstein Teaches You How to Become a Super Attractor



How do you let go of your ego and return to yourself as a Super Attractor? Gabby Bernstein, bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and spirit junkie lays out the roadmap to feeling good again in her newest book, Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams. She teaches you how to stop suffering by using the Choose Again Method, connect with a higher power to find worthiness and love, take spiritually aligned action, and let the universe catch up with your dreams.

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1. Witness your thought. Forgive yourself for having the thought. And then choose again.
2. We are all super attractors. We’ve just forgotten how.
3. When you’re not attached to the outcome, you become a super attractor.
4. Put a new pattern in front of your fear based thoughts.
5. Learn to receive love from a higher power. Tune in, slow down, and feel the connection to something greater than yourself.
6. Recognize the soul part of you that needs to be retrieved. Open up that core wound and you’ll be guided.
7. The thing we love might not be our profession, but it’s the thing we have to do if we want to excel.
8. Let go of the rope. Trust that there’s a better plan than our own. Let the universe catch up with your dreams.


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