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What is the first step to become a success with your life’s work? Evan Carmichael, entrepreneur, author, speaker, YouTuber, and mentor has made it his mission to help entrepreneurs reach their potential by believing in themselves. He shares his honest wisdom on how to evolve into the bolder, more confident version of you, why you need to schedule something challenging in your calendar, how to lean into the messy first version, and how to let your core values guide you to where you are built to serve.

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1. Have a vision, but don’t limit yourself by planning out the next 15 steps.
2. When you don’t know what to do, say yes to everything.
3. Believe in yourself. It all starts there.
4. Do the thing that makes you feel bold and confident every single day. Demand it of yourself.
5. Successful people start. There are dummies out there who are winning from your ideas because they started.
6. Expect to suck at the beginning. The first version will be brutal. Lean into that.
7. Ask yourself, “What’s my most important core value? Who can I surround myself with who shares that core value? How can I give people the recipe to help them through that pain?”
8. Put something in your calendar that’s scary, difficult, or hard.
9. Go do something. Tie your self worth to the fact that you tried – not to the result.


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