Finding Huge Success After 40 – Lisa Congdon



How do you transition into a creative career when you’ve already dedicated decades to different day jobs? Lisa Congdon, artist, illustrator, and bestselling author didn’t discover her passion for art until her 30s, and made the leap to become a full time artist when she was almost 40. She explains how she reached out and landed her dream clients, how to stop running from your fear and instead, give it a hug, and why you could actually have an advantage in finding your artistic voice later in life.

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  1. Don’t expect immediate success. It takes patience, grit, passion, and a willingness to do it with the fear.

  2. You don’t need an agent. Reach out to your dream clients through social media, emails, postcards – make those opportunities for yourself.

  3. There are so many ways to monetize your talents. It’s liberating when you allow yourself to explore those other streams of income.

  4. Find the nexus, the sweet spot between what you want to create and what people want to buy from you. That’s where the magic happens.

  5. The creative path can be a painful path. But it’s also incredibly beautiful.

  6. Nothing great has ever happened without people taking risks.

  7. You’re not alone in your fear. It’s what makes you human and connected to the rest of the world. Befriend it.

  8. Explore. Listen. Be curious. Whatever excites you in the day – let it take you down a new path.

  9. Finding your life’s work is not an overnight discovery. It’s a constant experiment and learning process. So just enjoy the adventure.


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