How a Vegan YouTuber Became Popular without a Food Network Show – Jenné Claiborne



How can your resourcefulness lead you to where you can serve the most? Jenné Claiborne, YouTuber, vegan chef, and author always had an entrepreneurial spirit but she never would’ve imagined the impact she would have through her popular YouTube food and lifestyle channel, Sweet Potato Soul. She shares her best tips on how to grow an audience on YouTube, how to listen to your followers but also stay true to yourself, and how to pivot towards a new opportunity that feeds your soul.

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  1. Collaborate with others in your community. 

  2. Give to your audience consistently.

  3. Focus on the purpose. You have a responsibility to serve the people who need you.

  4. Make space to recharge. Take a vacation. Go on a walk. Watch that Netflix show. 

  5. Ask for feedback. It can be scary, but the data you collect from your audience will help you serve them even better. 

  6. It’s okay to lose followers who aren’t aligned with your true self. It opens the doors to people who are.

  7. Challenge yourself. You just might discover that you are indeed enough.


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