How to Defeat Your Inner Critic & Creative Blocks – Danielle Krysa of The Jealous Curator



How do you get creative when you’re feeling blocked and discouraged by your inner critic? Danielle Krysa, artist, author, and creator of the popular art blog The Jealous Curator had abandoned her love for creating art for 15 years because of her inner critic. She shares how she overcame the negative voices to return to her passion, how to show up every day when you don’t feel like a master of your craft, and how to find creative inspiration anywhere you go.

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  1. Don’t keep the jealousy inside. Turn it into admiration.

  2. Wear those creative blocks and inner critics like badges of honor. It’s proof that you are a creative person.

  3. Keep showing up. You have to make the thousands that get set on fire before you get to the Marilyns and the soup cans.

  4. Failure leads to genius.

  5. Inspiration is truly everywhere. You just have to stop and look around.

  6. Name your inner critic. Tell Tim or Jeanine to pipe down and take a seat.

  7. Be true to yourself. Build what you want to build. You’ll cater to an audience. Steer your own boat. Do what feels good to you.

  8. Labels are for canned peaches, not people. There can be more than one thing on your label.

  9. It’s never, ever too late to start doing what you love.


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