The Power of Storyselling



How can you use storyselling as your most powerful marketing tool? Cathy shares why we as human beings are so deeply drawn to stories, how successful creative entrepreneurs tell their story through their products, and how you can create a whole business around the celebration of your own journey.

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  1. We don’t buy things. We buy feelings. And feelings are created by stories.

  2. Celebrate the journey through your story. It matters.

  3. Don’t wait for the phone to ring. Get busy creating different kinds of experiences that share this story.

  4. You can get paid to be yourself. You can be a person who is empathetic, who has a big heart, who has a huge story to tell – and you can create a whole business around that.

  5. No one else is going to do your life’s work. We need it. We need you.


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