How a Dancer/Choreographer Hustled to 1.6 Million YouTube Subscribers – Mihran Kirakosian



When you put in the blood, sweat and tears into your passion, what amazing impact becomes within reach? Mihran Kirakosian, dancer, choreographer, and YouTube sensation didn’t grow up wealthy, but he did have a relentless love for dance. He shares how his incredibly focused work ethic led to opportunities with Madonna and Britney Spears, how to create content that goes viral, and how to use your vision and purpose to get rid of your excuses and take control of your destiny.

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  1. Go to the auditions, take the classes – feed your passion.

  2. If you’re tired of waiting, then go make your own opportunities. Write your own destiny.

  3. Life is short. Don’t waste it on the things that aren’t serving you.

  4. Surround yourself with people who bring you energy, wisdom, and strength.

  5. If you want to build the audience, you have to create the content.

  6. Do something you love, something that makes you happy. Pursue the thing where you can show up as your authentic self.

  7. We’re playing a worldwide game. This is no time to be small.

  8. When you feel like giving up, remember the purpose. Then commit, and keep going.


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