How a Writer Became a Bestselling Author By Speaking Her Truth – Jennifer Weiner



How do you find the courage to tell a story that speaks your truth? Jennifer Weiner, bestselling author and novelist of books like Good In Bed, In Her Shoes, and Mrs. Everything used her pain to rise up and become one of the most beloved writers of our time. She shares what makes a story resonate so strongly with readers, how to make a habit of working on your craft, how to embrace the parts of you that society tells you to hide, and why it’s your sacred obligation to share what’s authentically true to you.

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  1. If there’s a book that you need to read and it’s not on the shelf, go write it.

  2. There is only one you. Speak in your own voice. People are drawn to authentic truths. So be exactly who you are.

  3. Act as if. Set an appointment to work on your craft and do it as if it was your profession.

  4. Pay attention to the world around you. It’s full of stories to tell and people who need to be represented on the page.

  5. Each of us has a special ability and duty to repair the broken world, fix whatever we can, see pain, and heal it.

  6. We’re all just trying to do the best we can. 

  7. You have your own story to tell. It’s your sacred obligation to go tell it.


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