Life Advice For Creatives with Adam J. Kurtz



What possibilities are waiting on the other side of embracing who you really are? Adam J. Kurtz, artist, illustrator, and bestselling author has grown his career by expressing his true voice of humor, optimism, and honesty. He shares how to release the need to be perfect, how to recognize whose feedback is most important, and how to let yourself walk the path of life at your own pace.

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  1. Identify your truth. The experiences that you’ve lived are at the heart of the real human that you are.

  2. The things we create every day can be foreign and wonderful.

  3. The goal is not to win over the world. The goal is to win so strongly with your people, that they have no choice but to say, “I’m all in.”

  4. Perfection is nonexistent. Do your best and let people love it.

  5. The input is important. If you’re running into resistance, take a gut check. You might be close, but can you course correct?

  6. We follow diverse interesting voices to enrich our lives. So figure out who you are, what do you have to say, how do you say it – and then put it out there.

  7. Life is not a race, it’s not a contest. Life is doing the things you love at your own speed.


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