How to Break Through Self Doubt & Set Achievable Goals Towards Success – Jillian Michaels



How can you break the cycle of self sabotage and set yourself up for achievable wins? Jillian Michaels, fitness expert, best-selling author, podcaster, and top wellness entrepreneur has built a worldwide reputation of helping people hit their goals. She reveals why empathy is more effective than sympathy, how to create meaning through suffering, and what 3 essential steps will help you hit your target.

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  1. When you treat people like who they can be, they become that.

  2. We’re all equally deserving of pursuing our passion, purpose, and meaning. You are not here on accident.

  3. Failure is a sign of courage. You’ll lose a million times, but if you shoot enough arrows, eventually one will hit the bullseye.

  4. Doing nothing will guarantee the worst case scenario. You can’t do nothing.

  5. Make meaning from the painful moments. It’s the only way to survive it.

  6. Be authentically passionate. Educate yourself. Live it. When the thing you do and say is honest and real – you become bulletproof.

  7. Identify your why, believe in your ability to do it, and take action.

  8. Sometimes the pain of your rock bottom moment is the greatest fuel for change.

  9. Give yourself tangible, small goals that you can reach. Then celebrate your success, no matter how small.


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