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How can you design work that is more meaningful through the act of giving and receiving? Adam Grant, best-selling author, TEDTalk speaker, organizational psychologist, professor, and host of the WorkLife podcast is on a mission to discover how we can make more purposeful, creative work in our lives. He reveals why you don’t have to be original to be creative, shares the steps to becoming a successful giver without sacrificing your wellbeing, and, in an exercise of self improvement, gives Cathy a surprise challenge.

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  1. You don’t have to be the most original to be creative. You don’t have to say something new. Just say something true.

  2. We find wisdom and connection in the most universal experiences, not the most unique.

  3. There are people out there who are depending on your knowledge and your gifts.

  4. No one ever feels like they’ve “made it.” Always strive to improve.

  5. Build your challenge network. Surround yourself with tough love.

  6. Imagine all the mini you’s out there. How can you give them that thing that you wanted?

  7. Think of 2 or 3 ways you enjoy giving, and incorporate a few more 5 minute favors into your week.

  8. Generosity doesn’t mean altruism. Set boundaries. If you overgive and deplete yourself, in the long run you show up less for other people.

  9. Action is the antidote for your doubts.


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