How Ice Cream Saves The World – Natasha Case of Coolhaus



How can you inspire another person through a pure experience of enjoying the best ice cream ever? Coolhaus co-founder Natasha Case was exploring her love of “farchitecture” (food + architecture) when she realized she could spread happiness and impact through her architecturally inspired, delicious ice cream pints and ice cream sandwiches. She shares how her bare bones business became a viral sensation, how to craft a successful brand, how to stand behind the price that your product is worth, and how you too can actually save the world just by sharing your creative gifts.

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  1. Create a minimum viable product. Even if that’s a van with no engine and no branding whatsoever.

  2. Hear the voice of the skeptics, but trust your instincts.

  3. Stand up for your worth. The price point conveys the story of your quality.

  4. A clear, successful brand takes time to evolve. Be patient.

  5. Tell a story through your brand. Give people the inspiration to look at your product.

  6. More money means more scalability and more impact to inspire others.

  7. There isn’t just one way to save the world.

  8. It’s never going to be perfect, so make it the best you can.

  9. Keep taking those steps. Make it, share it, execute it.


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