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What does it mean to reach “greatness?” Lewis Howes, best-selling author, entrepreneur, host of the popular podcast The School of Greatness, and former pro athlete has grown an empire out of his passion to help others recognize their own power and pursue their own joy. He shares 3 main principles of greatness, how to have fun with failure and rejection, how to prioritize through income and impact, and why overcoming any challenge starts with belief in yourself.

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  1. Have a clear vision, a clear mission. You’ll be able to overcome the challenges because it’s not about you – it’s about the mission.

  2. Believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter if everyone else believes in you. You won’t make it happen if you don’t believe in yourself.

  3. Lead a life of service. Don’t achieve for yourself, but serve someone else in the process.

  4. Fall in love with pain. Embrace the pain, have fun with it – instead of suffering in fear.

  5. Create a routine that builds positive habits, pinpoints results, and moves things forward.

  6. Even if your work is appreciated and enjoyed by only a few people – that’s a good sign.

  7. Have a sense of hustle and patience. Keep learning as you fail and grow your experience.

  8. Don’t live in a world of comparison. Live in a world of what’s possible.

  9. If we aren’t chasing the thing that really excites us or scares us – then what’s the point?

  10. You matter. You’re here for a reason. It’s your job to pursue the thing that gives you the most joy – it will inspire the people around you to do the same.





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