How to Find Your Purpose – Jessica Huie



How do you gain clarity and say yes to your true calling? Jessica Huie, author, MBE recipient, and esteemed entrepreneur was caught in the whirlwind of enormous success – but she still felt broken and unhappy inside. Find out how she stripped back the layers to reconnect to her true self, how to get soul conscious and nurture your soul, and how to arrest your old habits that hold you back from your unlimited potential.

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  1. Say yes to your calling. Admit that you haven’t been honest about where you want to be. Then start to reconnect with your true self.

  2. Strip back the layers of your old identity. Put yourself in new environments with new people and new conversations.

  3. Get soul-conscious. Be open to the idea that you are your spirit, and things become limitless.

  4. Brands and business should be a vehicle to express the truest version of ourselves – but you have to find that out first.

  5. Get conscious about what you’re saying, then what you’re thinking – and then commit to changing.

  6. Nourish your soul with books, music, whatever inspires you – so when you’re hit, you don’t fall too far off your path.

  7. Arrest your habits. Wipe the slate clean of those old reactions and old beliefs. Don’t let those sabotage the good that’s coming.

  8. Just consider that the biggest obstacle in your way is your opinion of how possible that is for you.

  9. If things are falling apart – consider that this is where you’re breaking through, rather than breaking down. Step into what’s waiting for you.




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