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How do you launch a product with minimal complications? What do your customers actually want, other than a solution? How can you maximize your productivity when there’s so much to do? Steph Crowder, business coach and host of the Courage & Clarity Podcast shares her inspirational and tactical advice on the 3 phases of constructing a business, prioritizing your growth-based vs. administrative responsibilities, and creating a need for your product with stories about “the why behind the why.”

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  Steph and the    Fizzle Show    team (photo from Fizzle Show Facebook page)

Steph and the Fizzle Show team (photo from Fizzle Show Facebook page)

  1. We need both vision and process, courage and clarity.

  2. Success is only meaningful when it’s rooted in your own definition.

  3. Figure out what you do, who you do it for, and why.

  4. Understand your audience’s problems. We want transformations, not just solutions.

  5. Create a story behind your product. What’s the why behind the why?

  6. We all need the painkillers and the vitamins.

  7. Audience building requires connecting with customers and having a place to showcase it.

  8. Launch an MVP, a minimal viable product. It doesn’t have to be so complicated to generate success.

  9. Work towards a minimal viable income and learn to be sustainable and scalable. You can’t stay in hustle mode forever.

  10. Put in the pebbles before the sand. Do the growth-based actions before the admin work. That email can wait.

  11. Clarity comes from action, from actually taking the first step and the next one.

  12. Don’t underestimate the value of community. You don’t have to do this alone.




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