How Radical Empathy Strengthens Your Business – Seth Godin



How can we “see” others to help solve their problems? Why should you prioritize interactions over passions? Seth Godin – best-selling author, entrepreneur, blogger, and host of the podcast Akimbo has spent decades exploring and understanding the world of marketing. Find out his innovative insights on how to create your own story that speaks to an audience, whether you should love the work you do vs. do what you love, and how to turn your creative pursuit into a valuable scarcity that solves a problem.

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  1. We need a radical amount of empathy to transact with others and engage in the marketplace.

  2. Don’t interact with people in way you don’t like, just to say you’re a macrame artist.

  3. Show up in a place where there’s scarcity, and solve a problem that is valuable to others.

  4. To own your career, you can’t copy someone else’s story.

  5. Ask yourself – who is this for? What change am I seeking to make? And for the people I want to change, what story do they tell themselves?

  6. Tell bad stories relentlessly, until they become better.

  7. Dance with the fear. Use it as a compass to find out how people react.

  8. Customers don’t want a better oil painting from you. They want to feel good about their purchase.

  9. Embrace the smallest viable market. You don’t need to be the most famous or most expensive business to be a success.

  10. Get out of “about to start.” Merely start.

  11. Don’t quit in the dip.

  12. We all want to be seen. But the best way to solve problems and create happiness is to see the people around you.




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