How to Find the Work You Love – Lisa Loeb



Lisa Loeb – Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, actress, author, and philanthropist struck major success with her platinum hit song “Stay”. But the red carpet events and makeup trailers still left her unfulfilled. How did she reconnect with her values and incorporate them in her work? She shares how she refocuses her purpose and attitude in the low moments, when you should let people label you, and why we should strike up more conversations with strangers.

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  Photo by    Juan Patino

Photo by Juan Patino

  1. Be yourself in your work. That makes you different from everyone else.

  2. Let people label you if you know who you are. You can prove yourself through your work.

  3. Tell people what to say about you, give them the label you want. It gives you the opportunity to be that.

  4. The only thing that helps the fear is to do it. If you can’t do it alone, find a support system.

  5. Ten minutes a day is more than not doing it at all.

  6. Be persistent. But don’t ignore the signs if it’s not working or you have no passion for it.

  7. In the low moments, remember that everyone feels this way sometimes.

  8. Refocus. Look for a way out instead of a way deeper.

  9. Talk to people. It just might get you an eyewear line.

  10. When this episode is done – take out a piece of paper and a pen. Write down 5 things you can do now to make it happen.




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