How to Do More in Less Time



How can you get more done with limited time? Why do we procrastinate on our biggest goals? What time hacks can you use right now to start working on the dream? Cathy helps you tackle that self-sabotaging procrastination with tips on how to approach intimidating projects, schedule a productive week, and recharge your batteries when you feel burned out.

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  1. Good enough is good enough. Create, and criticize later.

  2. Break down big projects into smaller tasks. What’s one step can you take today?

  3. Plan backwards, hustle forwards.

  4. TV shouldn’t be a habit, it should be a reward.

  5. Don’t multitask. Do one thing at a time.

  6. Figure out what recharges your batteries.

  7. Create a work environment that you love.

  8. Before you start working, take a moment to think “What results do I want?” Don’t just be reactive.

  9. Less perfection, more authenticity.



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  • How to hack your time:

    • Find your groove. When are you the most productive?

    • Schedule the time. Get out your calendar and figure out what you will have done by Friday.

    • Turn off the TV! Turn off Netflix!

    • Stop multitasking. Your brain will burn out.

    • Recharge your batteries. Take a walk, meditate – whatever helps you clear your mind for even just a few minutes.

    • Hire someone to take care of smaller chores / tasks so you can focus on your work.

    • Prioritize the important things first. Emails can wait.

    • Create a decluttered environment that makes you excited to work. Wear your comfiest clothes.

    • Organize your plan of attack. Take a second to strategize it logistically.


Thank you so much for listening!

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