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How can you set higher goals, but also make them more attainable? How does a brand become a business? Jenna Kutcher, photographer, educator, and host of the Goal Digger Podcast shares the 5 core pillars of her business strategy, tips on tackling anxiety, and the steps you must take before quitting your day job. 

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  1. Your brand goes beyond the visuals. It needs to make people feel something.

  2. Be specific about your ideal client.

  3. Have a clear, intentional voice. Know what you want to communicate and make sure every client gets it.

  4. Write down your dreams in the present tense.

  5. Failures aren’t failures if you learned something from it. It’s all about perspective.

  6. Set goals quarterly instead of annually.

  7. Social media should be a reflection of our legacy, not a popularity contest.

  8. See yourself the way the world sees you. Celebrate yourself.

  9. Create before you consume. Leave the phone out of the bedroom.

  10. Raise your own glass ceiling. Don’t let the past shut off your ability to dream.



  1. Build a brand that goes beyond the visuals. It should make people feel something.

  2. Know and understand your ideal client. Be laser-focused about who they are.

  3. Systemize communication with templates. Have an intentional voice that can be transferred to your team.

  4. Have a social media strategy. Leverage these free platforms to reach clients now so when they’re ready to purchase, you’re the first to come to mind.

  5. Create workflows and systems that you can outsource the work once you have a team.

  • Jenna’s Pinterest assignment:

  1. Go on Pinterest.

  2. Create a secret board.

  3. Go on the front page of Pinterest. Spend 10-30 minutes to pin anything that speaks to you.

  4. Notice the trends. Build your brand based on this.

  1. Make your business legal.

  2. Don’t go into debt for your business.

  3. Start to grow a following.

  4. Put your work and your dreams out there.


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