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Everyone has 24 hours in the day, but how can we maximize that time to increase productivity? What tools and steps build most efficient, disciplined, and focused mindset? Carey Bentley, co-founder of the productivity program Life Hack Boot Camp shares her best tips on improving time management, making smart decisions, putting practice into action, and finding your life’s mission.

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  1. The number one hack to productivity is to get better at focusing. Be aware of our distraction culture.

  2. Make important decisions in the morning, and minimize the unimportant ones. If you can avoid decision fatigue, you avoid making the bad decisions.

  3. Start a spreadsheet. Figure out where your time needs to go by figuring out where it’s going right now.

  4. We fear chasing the dream job because our brain tries to protect us from the potential pain. But in order to move forward, we have to deal with that fear.

  5. It’s not about failing or succeeding. It’s about practicing and taking actions every day that are consistent with the person you want to become.

  6. Surround yourself with a coach and a mastermind team who will keep you accountable.

  7. It’s not enough to have knowledge. You need discipline to enact intentional and effortful practice. The quality of practice just as important as quantity.

  8. Set up a routine to test, assess and then learn – that’s how you become an expert.

  9. If you can make something that’s valuable to the economy, something the market needs and wants, you’re talented at it, and you’re passionate about it – then you’ve found your mission.

  10. People can’t take away your authenticity. You create art just by being.



  1. Coach / mentor / teacher

    • The bar raiser

    • They have elevated expectations

    • The average you is not acceptable to them

    • They don’t let you make excuses

  2. Mastermind community

    • Find a team you respect

    • Search for likeminded people who are in same boat as you

    • They provide little bit of competition & feedback that you actually listen to


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