How to Overcome Your Fears – Halloween Special



What are you scared of the most? Failure? Imperfection? Insecurity? Discomfort? How has it kept you from pursuing your dream? In this Halloween special, Cathy shares what mindsets and mantras have helped her manage fear throughout her career, how to overcome your anxiety by recognizing your thoughts, and the one thing that’s scarier than dealing with these paralyzing emotions. 

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  1. Don’t resist fear. Show up anyway and build tolerance.

  2. Fears are just stories we tell ourselves so much that we believe it. But we have control over what we choose to think.

  3. Things are as they are. And you can be with them just as they are.

  4. The more we try to avoid being uncomfortable, the more pain we create for ourselves

  5. Be a hot mess, be your honest self. It helps other people give themselves permission to do what scares them.

  6. What’s scarier than feeling foolish or uncomfortable? Regret for all the things you didn’t do.

  7. You don’t get to a place where you lose the fear – you have the fear and still live with it

  8. If you’re feeling scared of something, that’s a call to action.

  9. Life can be in pencil. The roles we take don’t define who we are.

  10. Stop reading the manual. Just go out and do it.

  11. We always think of what there is to lose – but what is there to gain?

  12. Do something that scares you. Put it into practice.

  13. Don’t evaluate your goal on a success or fail basis. Make it a goal to learn from the process.



  • Questions to ask yourself in moments of fear:

  1. What did I learn from this situation?

  2. How can I grow from it?

  3. What are positive things from the experience?

  4. Where do you want to be 5 years from now?


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