How to Revolutionize the Fashion Business Model – Tamara Mellon



When Tamara Mellon walked away from Jimmy Choo, the very company that she co-founded, she risked her reputation and a ton of money – but gained the voice and the brand that she always wanted. How has she adapted her advertising approach to the world of e-commerce? What is it about her new personal brand that truly fulfills her? Tamara also shares her advice on how to recognize when you need to be flexible, and why now is the time to speak up for yourself.

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  Instagram: Tamara Mellon

Instagram: Tamara Mellon


1. Pick the industry you love and then start working, no matter what the position is. Don’t sit around looking for the perfect job.
2. A successful business always comes back to the product.
3. We’re going through a digital revolution. Be flexible and embrace it.
4. Speak up if you want to get noticed, instead of working yourself to death.
5. It’s okay to ask for help and have mentors.
6. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
7. Keep moving, keep busy, and keep learning.




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