How to Design the Fashion You Want – Trina Turk



Fashion designer Trina Turk dove into the apparel industry early in her career, but she always knew her destiny was in something bigger and better than just swimsuits. After a couple layoffs, she finally started designing her own clothes – but also discovered the headaches of running a business. She shares why not having a clear business plan can be an advantage, when you should move onto a new job, and why you need to stand up and say what you want, even if you don’t think you’ll get it.

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1. You don’t always have to follow the pattern. You can do what you want.
2. Sometimes not having a business plan is a good thing – but know the industry before you jump all in.
3. The resource is yourself, and that’s pretty much it.
4. If you’re not learning anything from your current job, it’s time to move onto the next one. 
5. Do what fulfills you, but don’t just go into it with fingers crossed. You have to do the work.
6. Say what you want. Sometimes you’ll get it, sometimes you won’t. But if you never put it out into the world, how will people know?




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