#HustleHard – Q&A with Cathy



This week Cathy answers your questions about making your dream job a reality. How much does social media really help grow your business? How do you decide on a name for your blog? The Q&A also includes what to do when your significant other isn’t completely supportive, how to stay motivated when you’re feeling down, and how to convert your online followers into paying customers.

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  1. Always keep in mind – how you can give your audience new content? What else can you be creating?

  2. Don’t leave it to chance that you’ll be inspired. Make it a habit to find inspiration.

  3. Don’t let one little detail stop you from moving forward. You can always go back and change it.

  4. Making money is a good thing when you plan to do good with it.

  5. You have to be supportive of yourself if you want others to support you.

  6. Set aside time to hone your craft. Once it becomes a ritual, it’ll get easier.

  7. There are lots of ways you can reach your customer – but first, you have to know who they are.




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