How to Find Happiness After “Happy Days” | Q&A – Don Most



Cathy answers your questions about how to break through an overly saturated market, and whether you should keep persisting or try a new approach. Then she chats with actor Donny Most, who gained stardom as the beloved Ralph Malph on the incredible TV show “Happy Days.” After leaving the series, Don faced the harsh reality of typecasting in Hollywood – but used the obstacles to open new doors for creativity. Don explains how he eventually pursued his first love of singing big band swing, what has kept him humble throughout the fame, and why you should forget the safety net and just trust yourself. 

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  1. Let go and trust yourself – even if there’s no safety net.

  2. If you have a passion that you love and you know it’s in your heart, then do it. But you have to be single-minded about it.

  3. Perseverance will take you far.

  4. There’s no stopping life, which means there’s no stopping on your dreams.

  5. Aim high and shoot straight.




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