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Side Hustle Nation creator Nick Loper wears numerous hats as an entrepreneur, author, blogger, and podcaster. But where does he find the time? How does he prioritize when there’s so much on the to-do list? He shares his tips on time management, life hacks to work more efficiently, and the 5 things you need to know before you quit your day job.

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  1. Put yourself out there, even if you don’t know the destination (or the results).

  2. Go to where the customers are.

  3. If you have little time, you can still make progress every day if you make it a habit. Even 5 minutes counts.

  4. No matter how busy you are, you’ll make time for your priorities

  5. Break down big projects into bite-sized, actionable to-do items.

  6. Picking what’s next doesn’t mean picking what’s forever.

  7. It’s better to run towards something instead of run away.

  8. Be sure that your idea can make money.

  9. Fill up your sales pipeline.

  10. When you’re reaching out to someone – give first, ask second. Help them solve a problem.

  11. Even in the worst case scenario – it’s okay. The world will go on.



  1. Be quitting to something, not from something. Running away is not as good as running towards.

  2. Do you have a track record or revenue history so you know this idea has made money before?

  3. How long can you last before you have to go back to a full time job?

  4. Have a sales pipeline and constantly fill your pipeline (marketing, networking, finding new clients).

  5. How will your costs of living increase or decrease?

  6. Bonus – what’s your worst case scenario?


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