How to Become an Artistic Painter – Rebecca Schweiger



Rebecca Schweiger – internationally acclaimed artist, author, and founder of New York City’s #1 art school, the Art Studio NY – was already successfully selling her paintings in art galleries by the time she graduated college. But something was still missing. How did she transform her small New York apartment into an art studio where she could teach classes? What helped her increase her group of students from 5 to 1000? She also explains how she charged through the fear of starting a new chapter, why you shouldn’t try to be perfect, and why we as creative individuals need to give everyone the opportunity to experience art.

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  1. It’s not enough to make great work. You also have to have a great attitude.

  2. We need art. It gives us a sense of being alive, feeds the heart and soul, and creates a connection that we can’t get anywhere else.

  3. Be your #1 fan.

  4. Write the scene of your success before it even exists – and act like it already does.

  5. When we begin a new chapter, there’s excitement but also massive fear and self-criticism. Finding your “why” will help you overcome that fear.

  6. The most important life you need to change first is your life.

  7. There are areas where you’re an expert, areas where you’re a beginner – and all of them are wonderful.




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