How to Create a Global Skin Care Line – Kristeen Griffin-Grimes


Kristeen Griffin-Grimes’ boutique company, French Girl Organics has a successful line of luxury skincare and beauty products across the country – and it’s only getting bigger. So how did this business blossom from Kristeen’s simple love for botany and French aesthetics? She also shares what lessons we can all learn from the European lifestyle, how Etsy led to popular retailers like Anthropologie, where she’s planning to expand next, and why gratitude and confidence are essential to achieving your dreams.

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  1. It takes time to develop your voice, hone your skills, and make sure your story comes out loud and clear. Be patient.

  2. When you do something you love, you’ll be grateful for it even when things seem all screwed up.

  3. Believe that you can always figure things out, and you will.

  4. Have confidence in yourself. You and your ideas have worth.

  5. Live like a European – work hard, but enjoy the times when you relax. Engage with other people and be in the present.




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