How to Craft a Successful DIY Blog – Elise Blaha Cripe



Blogger Elise Blaha Cripe, founder of Get to Work Book, has experimented with a variety of DIY projects – scrapbooking, letterpress prints, wedding invitations…you name it, she’s done it.  But how did she figure out exactly what product she wanted to create? Step by step, she explains what specific goal led her to quit her retail job, what social platforms she uses to market her business, and what she tells herself to break through mental barriers.



  1. Sometimes less is more. You don’t always have to look for more – do what’s manageable. You can be happy with where you’re at.

  2. Overnight successes take 10 years. Sometimes they don’t, sometimes they do.

  3. Don’t panic, don’t get overwhelmed by the whole process. Start small and focus on something small that you can do today.

  4. There’s always a space for a good idea.

  5. If you feel like you’re in a crisis, remember all the obstacles you’ve already overcome.



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