How to Become a Pottery Maker – Brian Ginewski



When the image of ceramics kept Brian Giniewski awake at night, he knew this was his passion. So how did he go from teaching to selling his drippy pots to over 50 wholesale stores across the country? He also shares why it’s okay to create bad art, how his business gets followers on Instagram, and how to keep your artistic integrity while also making your customers happy.

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  1. When you start working on your passion project, it doesn’t matter how good you are in the beginning. If you love it that much, you’ll have the drive to get better.

  2. Honing your craft is like the process of making ceramics – it requires tremendous endurance and willpower to keep working through growth and failure. And in the end, it rewards you.

  3. Everyone is capable of doing bad art. You have to just dive in and get it out of your system

  4. Your interests as an artist are important – but if you want this to become a career / business, recognize how people are responding to your art.




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