Merry Christmas!


It’s Christmas Eve!!! I absolutely LOVE Christmas! I cannot wait to see all of my family. 🙂 Tonight I get to go to my parents’ house and see my sweet baby sister. I am excited to watch her open her presents in the morning. I finished up some work that had to be done and now I get to bake my Christmas goodies! Here are a few photos of our first little Christmas tree! We finally have a place for one and I love being able to put the presents under the tree. (Keep reading, at the bottom is my Christmas present from Daniel!)

AshleyNicolePhotography_DFWphotographer_Colleyvillephotographer_Forneyphotographer-7933 AshleyNicolePhotography_DFWphotographer_Colleyvillephotographer_Forneyphotographer-7951 AshleyNicolePhotography_DFWphotographer_Colleyvillephotographer_Forneyphotographer-7954 AshleyNicolePhotography_DFWphotographer_Colleyvillephotographer_Forneyphotographer-7960So every year Daniel and I always swap presents early. He cannot keep a secret. So as soon as he gets my present in he has to give it to me. 🙂 This year he did good!! Check it out!! It has actual 35mm film cells from the Harry Potter movies! So excited!!



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