Viengluang Family <3



It is that time of year, time for family portraits!! I am so blessed to work with such amazing families!

I met Nikki and Nany over a year ago. They are such a sweet couple, I took their engagement photos in 2012!! Nany has such a fun personality, and Nikki is a sweetheart! I have enjoyed watching this precious family grow. I hope that you enjoy your photos and have a wonderful holiday season. 🙂

IMG_4314 IMG_4329 IMG_4336 IMG_4433 IMG_4449 IMG_4477 IMG_4482 IMG_4522 IMG_4548 IMG_4553 IMG_4568 IMG_4595 IMG_4685 IMG_4701 IMG_4721 IMG_4728IMG_4816 IMG_4831 IMG_4901 IMG_4906

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