Stacy <3 {Sweet 16}


I do not normally shoot parties, but when Stacy’s mom contacted me about taking photos at her sweet 16 party I was excited! Why was I so excited?? Because she told me the theme, Great Gatsby!!! How fun is that?

Stacy’s party was at the Piazza in The Village! It was absolutely gorgeous! After Stacy got her hair and makeup done we had just a few minutes to get a few portraits of her and a couple friends before the party started. Stacy was stunning, and I loved her dress!!!

I don’t think the party could have gone any better! I hope that you had a blast Stacy! Thank you for including me in your day! I had so much fun! 🙂

IMG_1010IMG_0999 IMG_1044 IMG_1064 IMG_1092 IMG_1112 IMG_1236IMG_1127IMG_1132IMG_1152IMG_1162IMG_1211 IMG_1245IMG_1249 IMG_1274IMG_1310 IMG_1316 IMG_1318 IMG_1323 IMG_1325 IMG_1333 IMG_1366 IMG_1374 IMG_1408 IMG_1447 IMG_1449 IMG_1456 IMG_1467 IMG_1500 IMG_1510 IMG_1518 IMG_1551 IMG_1571 IMG_1632 IMG_1674 IMG_1710 IMG_1866 IMG_1869 IMG_1897

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