Perhaps nothing is more empowering than surrounding yourself with a community of doers who get it. 

The Lighthouse Collective is a place for you to continue your business-building journey surrounded exclusively by the Cathy Heller Alumni family. Inside, you’ll get a weekly dose of motivation, encouragement, and learning; combined with action steps to keep your business surging forward.

My team and I will surround you with love + support while giving you intentional steps to grow your impact, income, and influence. You with me? Let’s go!

It's a space to help you implement all you’ve learned, stay on track and aligned with your goals, and supported while taking your next steps.  

This space is designed for the ongoing work you’ve set the foundation to do, and guidance on the four pillars of business success — visibility, engagement, lead generation, and sales - delivered through the lens of our unique P.E.O.P.L.E. Centered Business Framework. 

TLC is everything you’ve told us you need

Cathy's team of mentors will host weekly Implementation calls to help you continue taking intentional and impactful action in your business. This guidance and action will lead to traction as you continue to grow your influence, income, and impact in your business. Can't catch them live? No worries. Every live session will be recorded, so you can always catch the replay.

One Implementation session each month will be a Cathy Heller style mindset, healing, and manifestation experience. This experience is designed to help you stay on track with your goals while staying aligned with your full self.  These calls will happen live, and will be recorded for you to catch the replay.

Life doesn't happen in a silo. It happens in community. Get connected with other Cathy Heller program alumni who have set their foundation and are on the same path towards creating a purpose-filled life and business. Leverage a private Facebook group to ask questions and get feedback 24-hours a day. Plus, you'll be included in and have access to an Alumni Directory for even more opportunities to connect.

Life gets busy. We’ll encourage you to create intentional time each week to work on your business while on a consistent schedule of weekly calls. Here, you’ll get guidance, have set space to reflect on what’s working, and gain a sounding board of fellow alumni while you evaluate your next steps.






Guest Experts


It's time to start living at your highest vibration! During this live retreat, you'll unlock the key components needed to manifest and design your dream life. There's so much magic waiting inside of you!

Occasionally we'll welcome a guest expert into our space to add extra insight or deepen a skillset. When we do, you'll get exclusive access to sit in on that call live, ask questions, and access new strategies or ideas before anyone else.

Get exclusive discounts, opportunities, and early-access to Cathy Heller merchandise, events, and courses. As part of The Lighthouse Collective, you'll be some of the first to have access to exciting new experiences that are in the works behind-the-scenes.

(Value: Priceless)

(Value: Priceless)

(Value: $297)

“I’ve tried doing things on my own but miss having my community to help keep me on course.”

“I need to be more intentional about carving out time to work on my business, but it’s so easy to get distracted by other things.”

“The energy inside Cathy Heller's program was so amazing. I miss those weekly doses of motivation!”


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Pay month-to-month and
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6 months 



It’s time for you to stop trying to grow on your own. Surround yourself with a community who will support you in your rise. We’re holding space for you here. Will you join us? 

It’s time to link arms and continue building a purposeful business. We’ve created this space to help you shine your light brighter, further, and stronger to the people who need you the most.