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Jessica Zweig’s 3 Step Framework to Build an Authentic Personal Brand

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Jessica Zweig How can you build a personal brand and a successful business by simply being yourself? Jessica Zweig, founder & CEO of SimplyBe, personal branding expert, author, and podcaster is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and companies embrace and show their true selves, so they can attract […]

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Donald Miller’s Simple Formula to Start a Business & Build a StoryBrand

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Donald Miller’s Simple Formula to Start a Business & Build a StoryBrand What are the essential pieces of building and growing a successful business? Donald Miller, bestselling author, podcaster, CEO of StoryBrand and Business Made Simple is on a mission to teach entrepreneurs all the simple steps of building […]

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How to Embrace Your Fears & Create a Brand That Connects a Community – Michelle Poler

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · How to Embrace Your Fears & Create a Brand That Connects a Community – Michelle Poler How do you stop living in your comfort zone and say hello to your fears? Michelle Poler, founder of Hello Fears, author, social entrepreneur, speaker, and brand strategist took on a 100 day […]

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How Tanya Taylor’s Resourcefulness Created a Fashion Brand That’s Beloved by Michelle Obama and Beyonce

How do you infuse color, optimism, and happiness into your brand? Tanya Taylor, award winning fashion designer combined her passion for bright colors, her desire to empower women of all shapes and sizes, and her resourcefulness to build a clothing brand that has become a hit in major department stores and the wardrobes of Michelle […]

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Listen in on 2 Coaching Sessions to Hear My Students Have a Breakthrough

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Listen in on 2 Coaching Sessions to Hear My Students Have a Breakthrough What possibilities are really available to you? Today’s episode features 2 special coaching sessions with Cathy and students Sadie Simper and Oswald Perez, who were struggling with feeling depleted and stagnant. This will open your eyes to […]

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How to Create a Thriving Online Business & an Incredible Brand that Sustains Through Economic Hard Times – Christy Dawn & Aras Baskauskas

What essential pieces does it take to launch an online clothing brand without a brick and mortar? Christy Dawn and Aras Baskauskas, founders of Christy Dawn wanted to create and celebrate a style that was in alignment with their values of sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion world. They share how to get resourceful and […]

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How a School Teacher Grew a 7 Figure Online Product Based Business – Alison Prince

How do you leverage what you don’t have and create a multi million dollar business? Alison Prince, entrepreneur, mentor, podcaster, and online business expert began her entrepreneurial journey by being resourceful and turning her leftover trash into a buyable treasure. She shares how to create a habit with your customers, why it’s your responsibility to […]

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The Story of How Ian Lopatin Became A Spiritual Gangster and Then Built that Very Brand Which Became A Movement

How did a yoga clothing line become a movement that makes a difference? Ian Lopatin, cofounder of Spiritual Gangster, built a brand that makes his customers feel good about what they wear and what they stand for. He shares how to find different ways to be of service, intentionally create a product that motivates your […]

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Sunny Lenarduzzi’s Formula to Rank #1 on YouTube

How can putting out your you-ness on YouTube scale your business? Sunny Lenarduzzi, an expert video, marketing, social media and brand strategist skyrocketed her career when she figured out how the keys to gain more visibility on YouTube.  She shares how her Sunny System has generated over $6 million of YouTube income, how to embrace your […]

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How to Build an Audience & Stay True to Your Purpose – Julie Solomon

When your passions change, how can you still stay aligned with your purpose? Julie Solomon, marketing/PR/personal branding expert, entrepreneur podcaster, and business coach thought she would be a mom blogger, until she realized her true place of service was by helping other people grow their business. She shares how to get clear on your ideal customer, start […]

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A Deep Dive into the Branding, Pricing & Marketing Strategies that Get Results

How can you most effectively communicate your message and who you are? Cathy shares an exercise on how to get clarity around the parts of you that make up your brand, how to embrace your quirks, what 3 questions will help you with clearer marketing, and why you don’t need to be afraid of putting […]

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