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I specialize in helping women create abundance and next level happiness by getting paid to do work they love.

I've grown an 8 figure business and host a top-ranking podcast where I've interviewed incredible souls like Matthew McConaughey, Seth Godin, Gay Hendricks, Priyanka Chopra and more.

I didn't get here because I'm "lucky" or special. It's because of how deeply I understand the principles of abundance and how to create a beautiful life sharing your gifts and passions with others.

Come join me as I share with you how to start calling in more of what you desire.


The keys to LIVING an abundant life

How to move past fear, impostor syndrome and break through your resistance

The secret to becoming the highest, most expansive version of yourself

The steps to build a purpose driven business so you can serve the world and make an impact doing what lights you up

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 Rachel Zeidman