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Make a Career From Your Life's Work
 in 12 Transformational Weeks

Digging deep to discover your life’s calling in the world doesn’t have to be a challenge.

You don’t need to put in umpteen hours a week to figure out how to impact thousands of lives. You don’t need to reach Beyonce or Oprah status. It’s not about becoming a celebrity, an influencer, an expert, a billionaire...
You can show up perfectly imperfect, just the way you are. When you raise your hand and say, “I am available to be of use,” you are already on the road to becoming profitable.

And if you start hearing the voice that says...

“But what if I’m not ready?”
“What if I mess it up and no one likes it?”
“Am I a horrible person for selling in a time when millions are out of a job?”
“I don’t even know where to start…”

Those feelings are real...

...But where will you be in a year, even in a month if you keep bathing and drowning in those fears? 

Will you still be barely scraping by? Will you still be worried whether or not you can pay rent or buy groceries?
You need that push from someone who knows what it’s like to stand on the edge, feeling so uncertain...yet so longing for a revolution in your own existence.
That’s where I come in.

Throughout these 90 special days...
I will open your eyes to the opportunities that are available to you right now.
I will help you get clarity on the thing that can make you a profit.
I will teach you how to solve problems and provide value even when you think you have nothing to contribute.
I will teach you the methods that have grown my passion-driven business into 6 and 7 figures.
I will keep you accountable to implement these methods in your own work and get results.

I will be your ultimate cheerleader who makes sure that you show up for yourself.

Because you truly deserve it.

Your hours are precious,
I invite you to spend them coming home to yourself. 

“In January I wasn’t even thinking about starting a business. I had debated signing up for the course for a few days, but I’m so glad I decided to pull the trigger. From the start of the program to the end of this month I will have made about $10,000, which is my entire salary last year! I would highly recommend this program and cannot imagine what my family would have done if I had not signed up and put in the work.”


Sadie Simper

“I started this program with a blog; a blog that I have loved desperately for 8 years but that has never made any money...I had often felt that I needed to give up on all my dreams and go back to my day job. 

But where I am now… oof. This is big. I've put out 3 separate offer and made thousands of dollars during this program!

I’ve grown as an entrepreneur in 12 weeks. Everything feels different."

Everything is different for jennifer

jennifer legra

You’re made for THIS if any of these thoughts have ever crossed your mind…

"I want to stop getting stuck in my limiting beliefs and take action to find my purpose."

"I know I'm meant to serve somehow but I need more clarity on what direction to take."

“I want to be able to make it through this time and look back on it and say ‘This was the moment when I became more of myself. I came home to myself.'"

“I needed to pivot my business and my career like yesterday, but I don’t know what options I have.”

“I’m need a sustainable income right now because it turns out having a day job is no longer a reliable security blanket.”

“I would love to be my own boss and make a really fruitful income by doing something that lights me up inside. I’m tired of building someone else’s dream.”

“I want to connect with people who feel isolated and are seeking the person who can provide them with community and empowerment.”

“I want to explore my passion, connect with more amazing, like-minded people, and set off on a mission together.”

So when you walk into the world with your newfound mission:

… you’ll fully awaken to a life that’s an extension of your soul.

…you’ll know who would benefit from your gifts and pay for them.’ll grow a purpose driven business that has been validated by the people you’re here to serve.’ll walk through to the other side, set up for abundant success.


If any of the above rings true, there's nothing I would love more than to guide you through how to identify the gifts you already have inside of you - and transform it into an online business that can make you money now.

“I don't know where my business would be without Cathy! Before investing in myself and my business, I was lost about what I was made to do. I was in a business that no longer made me happy. I went around in circles for 4 years! 4 long years! Now, I not only figured out what will make me happy, but I made multiple thousands within 1 week of launching my new business. All while doing what I love and having fun! If you‘re struggling with making money and also being HAPPY while making that need Cathy as a Coach!"



How to build, launch & grow an online business that can thrive in this time

Do you want to start an online business now more than ever?
Have you been wondering given this crazy time if now is a good time to start your podcast or online course? 

Would you like to see all the possible ways to build an audience and start making an impact online?

If you knew that you didn’t have to wait months and months to monetize your zone of genius...
If you knew that you didn’t have to follow a slick sales funnel in order to make a dollar...
If you knew that deep down inside you, you have the courage to be scrappy and take rapid fire action...

What opportunities, what life could you create for yourself right now?
We’re in a time of major uncertainty. There’s been tremendous loss and heartache around the world. Every day the stakes get higher and higher. Some businesses are shutting down while others are hitting their peak. 

The difference? 

The ones that thrive are online.

The attention online is greater than ever before. The tools have never been more available to you than now.

So it’s time to get into messy imperfect action…
Serve through your genius....
Show up and build honest relationships with the people who need what you can offer...
Scale your contribution...

...and make a sustainable living through the gifts that make you shine.

This is a picture of me 12 years ago after I just heard Oprah speak. (You’ll see there’s an “O” on my bag.)

It was an event called O University in San Francisco. A day full of classes from Oprah and her close friends like Martha Beck and Nate Berkus and Suze Orman.

I was 28. I felt so inspired that day. I was crying.

At that point in my life I was feeling hopeless, feeling desperate to make a contribution in a purpose driven way. 

Have you ever had that moment where you know there’s something major you want to do with your life, but there’s no clarity to show you the path? I had tried so many things at that point.

The life of pantsuits and soul sucking day jobs just wasn’t cutting it, but there was no way I could survive without an income. My heart was telling me it was time to pivot. I was ready to take on a new frontier.

I eventually escaped the 9-5 by taking lots of messy action, jumping into uncomfortable risks, and transforming failures into successes. I emailed out PDFs that probably looked like it was done by a first grader. I recorded my first podcast episode over and over so many times, I lost my voice. Looking back, I am so grateful for that self permission to be imperfect and just take scrappy action to get the small, yet game-changing wins.

Now I run multiple 7 figure online businesses. Now I have a top ranking podcast that pays me to have deep conversations with incredible souls like Jenna Fischer from The Office, Howard Schultz who built Starbucks, authors like Gretchen Rubin, Adam Grant, and so many more. I create programs and teach courses to help people live their dream and shift their paradigm. I wake up to a super engaged, loving community on Instagram that started at 0 followers and has completely changed my life. I wrote a book that is helping people all over the world. I am living life on my terms.

Best of all, I can support my family with financial security during times like this where there’s major uncertainty and loss, because my businesses live online. The attention across the digital world is greater than ever before. While other businesses are shutting down, I am so here for this.

I learned how possible this is for every single one of us - including YOU. 


Looking back on this photo, it seems surreal.

"This program was a gift of a thousand gifts. I showed up for everything and did all the work, even when it was hard, and I ended up growing my leadership coaching business beyond what I could have imagined. I was thrilled that by week 9 I had enough new clients to cover what I had paid for the course.

No matter what your business is, even if you don’t have clarity yet, I promise that this course will shift you as a person, and an entrepreneur. You will break through your limits and find opportunities and possibilities you haven’t yet considered."

Don't just take my word for it!

patrice grew her coaching business and made more than she paid for the program before it was over!

Patrice Ciccarelli

"The Made To Do This course was unlike anything I've ever experienced. It was better than most of my college courses. I made actionable steps toward my business every single day while I was in the group, and now I feel empowered to move forward in ANY direction I make for my business. Cathy's inner work does SO MUCH for your confidence that it allows you to step back, accept your own decisions and run with them. Without this course, I wouldn't have my own website, brand or solid business idea. I'd be stuck on a marketplace website still building THEIR brand instead of my OWN. Take the course, and watch your life finally take the shape you want it to.


Kelly rollins inner child dolls

This program is created for courageous, compassionate creative souls like you, ready to forge ahead into unknown territory and embark into a new frontier. Knowing full well with a nudge from me they can make their passion and strengths blossom into doing significant, world-changing work that can sustain them during the good and bad times.

I created this life-altering training because the world needs more of you in it.

But the only way you can shine your light is by taking action.

No action = no results. 
This program is going to push you out of your comfort zone and catapult you into a wild wave of messy, inspired action. 
By the end of this program...
- You will know how the tools you already have in your kit can make you a profit...
- You will have proof that your audience can’t wait to buy the thing you can contribute…
- You will have the confidence that this business can soar…
- You will learn the strategies to take this momentum and elevate it on a larger scale...
- And you will walk away with the belief that you are truly worthy of this life.



"MADE TO DO THIS gives you the confidence to know that you are enough!

the world is waiting! why NOT you!?!"


“Cathy has helped me to realize that I have had courage in me all along. She inspired me to finally take the action I needed to move my business forward. I took messy action & put out an offer, made $500 overnight & have been making daily sales ever since. She is a genius at helping people find ways to take action & monotone their business. After all, if you’re not making sales, it’s just a hobby.”

angie found her courage and launched her offer to immediate sales!


Weeks 1-2:
- Explore the possibilities and online business models and identify the one that speaks to you
- Pinpoint your genius and go-to gifts that people need from you
- Create a plan to make dollar one

Weeks 3-4:
- Learn specific offers/methods to generate income quickly
- Identify who you are meant to serve, where to find them, and how you can show up to solve their problem
Weeks 5-6:
- Start building your army of 1000 true fans & attract your first clients
- Craft, test and validate an offer that your audience can’t wait to buy from you
- Market your offer using your audience’s language so they’re excited for what you have to give them
- Start building the long form content (i.e. podcast, videos) that speaks to your audience, makes them feel seen, and builds your authority

Weeks 7-8:
- Nurture and organically grow an engaged community on Instagram and Facebook
- Test out different platforms and identify where you truly shine

Weeks 9-10:
- Create an online course based on what you know 
- Set up an 5 day online challenge that leads into launching and selling your offer

Weeks 11-12:
- Rinse and repeat. Re-test, re-validate. Failure is feedback. Keep going, keep tweaking to make the next best iteration.
- Equip yourself with the tools and mindset to keep you on track for exponential growth as you forge ahead

12 weeks of live group calls from me and my lead coach, Angela, where we'll walk you through the key content you need to know to build, launch, and grow an online business that can thrive now and into the future.

Weekly co-working sessions led by me and my team to help you implement the content we teach every week. There will be time to ask questions, but most importantly, time to get to WORK implementing the things that will move your business forward.

You’ll be placed into an intimate, peer led accountability group of 5-6 members to help keep your head up, and stay on track with your goals and take action each step of the way.

I've assembled a team of some of the smartest, most authentic, and business-savvy women I know to help mentor you throughout the program. They'll be leading twice monthly coaching calls with their pod of accountability groups.

Grab a pUMPKIN SPICE latte, let's dig in.


WHAT'S INCLUDED IN  the program?

LIVE coaching & content sessions



program mentors

I signed up for MTDT to help people virtually through a 4-week seminar helping people tackle home projects that have gone from annoyances to problems since March. Little did I know that within a few weeks, I would be going live on Instagram every day, starting a podcast, offering a 5-day challenge, and making amazing new friends. New clients are finding me and existing clients have been asking me to do more.

Since June, I've made more in each month of 2020 than 2019! 



The investment to start this new chapter of your life...


pre-order today!

Access To All 12 Weeks of Classes, Lives + Bonuses

BONUS: Private Facebook Group 24/7!

BONUS: 3 Guest Expert Masterclasses!

Made To Do This Welcome Week Starts February 1!

*this is a 12-month payment plan, NOT a membership


Access To All 12 Weeks of Classes, Lives + Bonuses 

BONUS: Private Facebook Group 24/7! 

BONUS: 3 Guest Expert Masterclasses!

Made To Do This Welcome Week Starts February 1!


Access To All 12 Weeks of Classes, Lives + Bonuses 

BONUS: Private Facebook Group 24/7! 

BONUS: 3 Guest Expert Masterclasses!

Made To Do This Welcome Week Starts February 1!



payment plan

one-time payment


for 12 months*



pay in full

"I’d been working full-time to build a business/personal brand for two years when I found Cathy. MTDT was the perfect incubator to rise to the next level. I grew my social media following and launched a podcast I’d been delaying. Thanks to taking action, I’ve gotten over 5000 downloads in a matter of weeks. 

Cathy’s energy is motivating, the program is wonderfully structured, and the folks in my cohort are amazing friends for life. 

Wisdom from me: recognize that
you’re someone who deserves Cathy’s signature program, buy your spot, and expect magic to happen!"

expect magic to happen

Kim smith

"I thought this class would give me something new but instead it pushed my current business to levels I never expected. I now have more than three times as many stores and a new method of targeting shops. I give them a free stand and free samples. They always sell and most of the time they do another order from me. 

It has really helped get a large percentage of stores to try out my stickers and grow my business. During this time I have made over $6,000 and about $3,500 that were directly from giving first instead of asking to sell."

drew tripled his customer base!

Drew madden

"Cathy changed my life by creating an amazing space for us to learn and grow. I am now laser-focused on building my business and as a result of Made to Do This, I feel like I have a mission to advance and a path to take. During MTDT as a result of helping people with their websites and launching my first course, I made more than I had invested in the course, just over $4,000. I plan to launch the course again, so I know that number will continue to go up. I absolutely recommend Cathy as a coach!"

adrienne made more than she paid for the program...
before it was even over!

Adrienne Mitford

These classes have been tested over the last decade as I built my own 6- and 7-figure brands out of my life’s work. Ultimately, by the end of this program you will know WHAT you are here to contribute, WHO you are meant to serve, and HOW you can actually make it a profitable, life changing business.

I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your results if you do the work. If you decide the program isn’t what you need after all, show us the work you have completed in the first 2 weeks and we’ll refund you for the remainder of the class.

Once you sign, you’ll have lifetime access to soak up all the resources as many times as you like.

What I don’t want this to be is another piece of info to collect dust on your digital bookshelf. This training is for action-driven people committed to letting their passion be their life’s work.

You Were Made to Do This
"Test and Apply” Guarantee



"The Made to do This course has been transformative for me. I came into it at the exact perfect time in my life when I knew I wanted to be working toward something of my own, but I couldn't decide on a direction. Everything from Cathy's archetype quiz to the weekly coaching topics were EXACTLY what I needed. Having completed the program, I've been launched in the direction of my dream life and I realized I want to give that back to others. Before starting the program I knew I had a passion for helping others into entrepreneurship, but this course solidified that for me. It has given me the confidence to know that I don't have to be the "messiah", I just need to be authentic and AVAILABLE for people that are looking for their purpose too!"



"Joining Made To Do This was the single best choice I’ve made for my business. Cathy provided all the “permission” I needed to step into my highest self and take messy action. Every call with her was like a therapy session for my inner child and entrepreneurial soul! I highly recommend her to anyone who is afraid to lean into who they are and what they were really made to do."

"Any expectations I had with signing up for Cathy's Made To Do This program were met and exceeded over and over! I can't say enough about how Cathy's coaching has completely changed my life. So now I get to tell all my family and friends in hopes they will take one of her courses. Joining this program was the best thing I have done for myself. It has completely changed my life and helped me find my purpose. I am already putting offers out and making money doing something I love, when at the beginning of this program I wasn't even sure what that was. The mind set tasks she gave us- has forever changed me to a better person. Cathy not only coached me to find my purpose, she also helped me on a much deeper, spiritual level. I'm in awe of this woman and we are the same age!"


katie moreland

Q: How long is the program?

A: It's a full, 12-week program, and each week comes with its own coaching call, for lots of real-time learning opportunities.

Q: I have a 9-5 job. What if I can’t make it for those real-time learning opportunities?

A: Even if you can’t make it live, you’ll get the recorded replay to all the coaching sessions. It'll feel like I'm sitting right with you :) This won't take away from how much you grow in the 12 weeks - past students have found that they still get tons of value from watching the replays!

Q: Who's the right audience for Made to Do This? How do I know if I'm a fit for Made to Do This?

A: I love this question because I believe that knowing your audience is so important, and that not everything is a great fit for everyone—including this program.

This is for you if you fall into one of these categories:

>>> You know that the life and the job you currently have is not cutting it and given the time we’re in, you need to start an online business now. You want to build your own career through the passion and talents you were born with. You’ve always felt held back from stepping into your zone of genius and really making an impact in the way you were built to serve. But you’re filled with fear of what people would think if you dared to explore this new territory, because no one ever gave you the permission to do it.
>>> You already have a side hustle or your own business - whether it’s selling your homemade crafts on Etsy, coaching clients through your yoga practice, writing your lifestyle blog - and you want to take it to the next level in the digital space. The truth is, most entrepreneurs and creatives dive into one business - because messy, imperfect action is all part of the process, right? But right now you’re dealing with limitations that aren’t allowing you to have a bigger impact. And it just takes a slight, two degree turn to align with the actual work that’s going to create so much more expansion.

I'm going to help you really define where you shine the brightest in this moment, and how that can scale into a thriving business when we go all in with radical empathy. If you want to discover your mission, serve in the biggest way possible and make a living while doing it, then you'll fit right in.

Q: What will we be learning?

A: Basically, we’re opening the Pandora's box of possibilities on how to turn your passion and strengths into a growing, thriving business online. In the program, you'll learn how to...

>>> Align your passion and genius with the work that can be done online and that people need from you right now
>>> Identify who you can serve, where to find them, and how to reach out to them in a way that opens the door to honest transactions and true relationships
>>> Gain visibility and grow a beautiful, super engaged community on Instagram and Facebook
>>> Master the different marketing strategies (challenges, webinars, live events, and more) that get your audience fired up for what you’re about to give them
>>> Create and validate an offer that will make your passion profitable
>>> Make dollar one (and a lot more) as a Creator, Teacher, Curator, or Investigator
>>> Build your library of content, whether it’s podcasts, videos, social media posts, etc. and nurture, nurture, nurture your audience
>>> Set up and sell an online course or membership
>>> Shift your money mindset, rewrite the old narratives about your worth, and set yourself up for financial freedom
>>> Break through your limiting beliefs and the impostor syndrome that’s holding you back
>>> Create a life where you can’t wait to wake up every day and rip it open

...and lots more!

Q: If I can't make join the program right now, will there be more opportunities for classes with coaching sessions in the future?

A: I can’t promise that I’ll roll out this specific program again, but I love teaching this so much that I will most definitely have more opportunities similar to this in the future.

Q: Tell it to me straight: Is this really worth the money?

A: If you’re ready to really invest in yourself AND you’re ready to stop your excuses and implement what you learn, YES. If your business is already making money, these strategies will help you make more money and contribute even more to the world. So the real question is: what’s the cost of not investing?

Q: How much time will I get with you?

A: Great question! You’ll get access to me through the exclusive Made to Do This Facebook group, including Facebook Lives and panels with our guest experts. I'll be live with you on Zoom twice a month for coaching or implementation sessions AND I'll be live with you for the monthly guest expert masterclass.

When I'm not teaching, my right hand women, integrator, and lead coach, Angela, will be coaching the sessions. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with other members of my team who will lead specific implementation sessions aligned with their areas of expertise.

You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with me, Angela, the mentors, AND my team in the Facebook group where you can post questions, start conversations and make lifelong friendships with people who will be by your side for the rest of the journey.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your results if you do the work. If you decide the program isn’t what you need after all, show us the work you have completed in the first 2 weeks and we’ll refund you for the remainder of the class. 

Got another question about Made to Do This? DM me on Instagram @cathy.heller and I’ll send you a message asap.



“I was on the fence at first. I thought, "who am I to do something like this?". But the universe was telling me to take the chance on this. But as the weeks went on, I felt a sense of focus that I never had before. With the help of each coaching call every week, my accountability group, the Heller's Angels and the Facebook group, I was made certain that I wouldn't get lost in the shuffle. Slowly but surely, the creative awakening was coming to life. Now, I realize that the words I create are works of art. I wouldn't have realized this if I wasn't part of the program. I realized after all that I was Made To Do This.


oswald perez


beating financial goals, even during a global crisis

"I learned not just business principles in MADE TO DO THIS, but how to repeat the formulas for continued success. In the span of a few short weeks, I learned how to build my audience, how to set up and sustain my business, and how to run a Facebook group. My Instagram reach has expanded. I learned how to create my own podcast! Now, I have my own online school and am set to beat my financial goals by the end of the year— despite the economic climate."

jen chambers


"The Made to Do This program changed my life at the very moment it needing changing. While I joined in the hopes of propelling my business into my full-time focus, I ended up getting so much more. The inner work, self discovery and personal healing were exactly what I needed, without ever knowing it. I, myself, and my business are going to be far better than they ever could have been because of the work I’ve done with Cathy’s guidance. It’s remarkable and the best investment I’ve made for my small business to date."



"The MTDT program with Cathy Heller has truly changed my life! We all have gifts, we all have talent, and we all have a purpose! What we need most is to get out of our own way. Cathy not only taught me how to work towards my dreams, but she also showed me that the road to do so is by trusting myself. Cathy is a true example and leader of taking 20 seconds of courage over and over until it becomes second nature. Getting it done is better than getting it perfect, and we sure got it done! Her words and wisdom are the answers to that sneaky little thing that's always been holding you back. Thank you Cathy and team MTDT for helping me break past my invisible limits. I will be forever grateful! 


✅Wants to follow your passion, but you haven’t been successful yet. Made to Do This was made with women in mind who know they were meant for something more. If you’ve fallen short in the past. Let me support you in turning your stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

 ✅Is willing to stop arguing for your limitations. All those "yeah, buts....." that go through your head are outdated stories holding you back from stepping into a bigger mission. Fear is healthy. Part of the work is for you to gently acknowledge and release the old mind chatter and replace it with a proven plan that will take you from confused to confident.

 ✅Is fully committed to trying something new. I’ve done everything I can to create Made to Do This in a way that stacks the odds in your favor. Join me at the starting line, and I’ll meet you where you are, so we can both soak up the sweet satisfaction of a fulfilled life side by side.

 ✅Is willing to commit 20 minutes a day to these classes. This is a no-fluff curriculum. I don't need hours a day to get you results, if you commit to spending 20 minutes a day every day implementing what I teach inside Made To Do This you can absolutely get game-changing results.


The truth is, everyone has Michael Jordan level talent at something.

But what most of us are missing is momentum because we don’t take action. We’re afraid of being messy and making a fool of ourself. We don’t give ourself the grace to be mediocre on our way to becoming brilliant. We don’t give ourself permission to even begin because we compare ourself to others and decide there’s no need for what we have to offer because there are already better people for the job. 

That’s so ridiculous because Gd doesn’t make extras. Everyone of us has something to add or else we wouldn’t be here.

I created Made To Do This to help lift you out from whatever holds you back and give you tools, clarity and a breakthrough so you can show up more in the world, the way you long to.

There is no reason in this time in history why you should have to work for someone else and build someone else’s dreams. There is no reason you can’t find more purpose by serving the world, living life on your terms in alignment with yourself.

Let’s make this decade yours.

xo, Cathy

Cathy here of Don’t Keep Your Day Job. Have we met before?

I started out lost, who am I, unfulfilled and leaped to building 6 and 7-figure brands. Now I’m bottling what I learned and passing it to you.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to join this program, I encourage you to begin setting aside money to follow your life’s calling.

I’ve worked with so many incredible makers and artists who didn’t realize how amazing they were and the true potential they had.

The patterns became so clear, I simply had to find a way to help more deserving humans I know who have gifts to share.

Take it from me, and learn from my mistakes:

No more waiting.

No more excuses.

Investing in yourself will never get easier than right now.

Being the first in Made to Do This also means you’ll be like that first grandbaby in a family...DOTED upon.

I’m going to be like the grandmother/mum/all the aunts combined excited to serve you and give you the best possible experience.

This may look like the end of the road as you scroll to the bottom of this page.

But I’m hoping this is the beginning of a long conversation between us.



A Final Love Note  From Me to You

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