Starting Monday, May 11th

12pm PST / 3pm EST LIVE in the HERE FOR THIS Facebook Group


I’ll go live every day from May 11-15th in our Facebook Group to walk you through the exact steps I've used to build an authentic and profitable online business.

Have you been wondering if now might be a good time to start a podcast or online course? Have you ever been interested in what kind of audience you could build if you shared the things that light you up?

Would you like to see all the possible ways to people generate revenue online from courses to memberships to affiliate marketing?

So often we’re told that in order to start an online business, we first need to grow a huge email list or have a complicated funnel. You might have heard about fancy webinars and curated social feeds. None of that has ever worked for me and I think there’s better more simple ways to make it work. It doesn’t require 500k IG followers or beautiful slide shows to start making money with the gifts you born to share.

That’s why I’m inviting you to my 5 Day Free Training. I’m calling it HERE FOR THIS!

Because I’m here for this. I’m here for you and I’m here for this moment in history. I want to show you what’s possibleAnd what you could make sense of in this time. It’s a free 5 day challenge to give you the tools to build a sustainable business- that can thrive in challenging times and always . From May 11th-15th, I’ll be live every day in our Facebook Group @ noon PST. You will learn:

- What opportunities are available to you right now to jump start a profitable online business
- How you can find a sense of purpose by sharing your gifts with the world
- How to build your audience online
- How to make your first few thousand dollars without playing the long game
- How to take scrappy, rapid fire action to get your first clients, make your first offers and have the small but game-changing wins
- How to use podcasts and courses to take your business to the next level

What great possibilities are on the horizon for you?

I’m here for this moment. I feel a responsibility to help and share what’s been my experience for the last few years. I’m here for this. And just maybe you’ll look back on this time and say you were too. Maybe in the midst of terrible darkness you’ll emerge with something better and more lasting then what you had before.

I'm in!
Sign me up!

I'm in!
Sign me up!

Hi, I'm Cathy, and I want to show you how to build and grow your own thriving online business that doesn't take years to make a profit. I will light a path forward to show you how doable it really is to get paid to serve others in the ways you feel most alive. In order to make brilliant things we need the courage to begin before we’re “ready” or “perfect". The core of being successful in life or business means having radical empathy. I find coaching so rewarding because I have helped thousands of people find momentum and create a life they love waking up to.