MAY 20 & 21 2024
9 am-5 pm



Join us for an incredible 2-day in-person summit May 20-21, 2024.

Whether you're just toying with the idea or already have a global podcast empire, HER TURN TO PODCAST SUMMIT is your ticket to unlocking the full potential of your voice. Join us in crafting a tapestry of stories worth hearing.

It’s time for us to come together and celebrate being a podcaster!

An exclusive invitation for women ready to share their story with the world like never before...

Meet Our Powerhouse Lineup!

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of trailblazing women like Julie Solomon, Patrice Washington, Jordan Gill, Amber Lilyestrom, Veronica Romney, Jessica Zweig that will join me, Cathy Heller, LIVE on stage.

This stage is set to spark the fire within you!


Podcast host of "The Influencer Podcast", bestselling author, public speaker, and brand expert


Podcast host of "Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington", award-winning personal finance author, international speaker, and media personality


Podcast host of "I Choose Me" and "9021OMG!", actress, producer, author, designer, and founder of Me by Jennie Garth


Podcast host of "Systems Saved Me", founder of Systems Saved Me, and multi 7 figure business mentor


Podcast host of "The Rainmaker Podcast", leadership expert, international speaker, podcast host, and the proud creator and CEO of the Rainmaker Residency™ programs


Podcast host of "The Ignite Your Dream Podcast", business mentor, branding expert, author and speaker


Podcast host of "The Spiritual Hustler Podcast", serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, branding expert and business coach


Podcast host of "Okay Sis", founder of Scout's Agency, author, podcast PR and marketing expert


Podcast host of the "Whiskey & Work Podcast", top life & business coach, and business extraordinaire

Stefanie Gass

Podcast host of "Online Business for Christian Women", podcast coach, boundary boss, and seven-figure CEO


Podcast host of "Drop Into the Vortex" and soulful business coach


Podcast host of "The Kate Taylor Show," fashion stylist and mentor to fashion stylist CEOs


Podcast host of "The Flexible Neurotic Podcast"


Podcast host of "The Product Boss Podcast", cofounder of The Product Boss, entrepreneur


Podcast host of "The Terri Cole Show", licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert, author, and transformation & empowerment coach


Chief Strategy Officer at QCODE, former executive of marketing at Apple Podcasts

Craft your unique podcasting identity.

How to Start the Creative Process

Turn your passion into a thriving venture.

How to Monetize Your Podcast

here's what you'll learn IN THIS POWERFUL 2 DAY EXPERIENCE...

Connect with the superfans who resonate with your voice.

How to Grow Your Audience

Elevate your interviewing skills to top-tier status.

How to Have Meaningful Conversations

Fully unleash the power of your personal brand.

How to Grow Your Visibility with Marketing & Branding

HER TURN TO PODCAST SUMMIT is not just an event; it's an incredible opportunity to take your podcast to the top-level.

Dive into a sea of invaluable tips, engage in powerful conversations, seize networking opportunities, and brace yourself for delightful surprises. The room will be buzzing with the energy of our incredible community of like-minded women – a tribe ready to cheer you on and amplify your voice!


Early bird pricing is now available, but hurry - this event will sell out and we are looking forward to seeing YOU there!

Don't miss your chance to be part of this unparalleled celebration of women's voices.

Hurry, secure your spot!

Don't miss this chance to amplify your voice and illuminate the world with your podcasting brilliance.

See you at the Harmony Gold Theater – where dreams take center stage and stories become a captivating chorus!

I’m Top 1% Podcaster, bestselling author, coach to thousands of women who want to create wealth with integrity, and a mom of 3 daughters.

Seven years ago, I recorded my first podcast episode in my closet, just 10 days after I had given birth to my third daughter. That show has since turned into a movement with over 850 episodes, over 40 million downloads, and the most beautiful community of souls.

It’s been an amazing journey. We debuted at #2 on Apple’s business charts. A couple years in, Apple rated it the #1 show, with Oprah’s show being #2. I now interview mega successful creatives like actors Jenna Fischer and Matthew McConaughey, makeup artist Bobbi Brown, musician Brandi Carlile, entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso, author Gretchen Rubin, The Property Brothers and many more.

I'm Cathy Heller

Beyond being a wife, mom, author, entrepreneur, spiritual leader, and business coach, my heart truly lights up when guiding you towards creating a spiritually aligned and abundant life that you are excited to wake up to.

I've walked the path of self-discovery and finding my voice myself, facing the same challenges and fears that may be holding you back. I get it—I've been exactly where you are. My mission is clear: to empower you to break free from self-doubt, conquer obstacles, and confidently step behind a mic that will allow you to share your voice with those who are eager to listen!

Hi! I'm Cathy Heller


Dive deep into the heart of podcasting success with Cathy’s Podcasting Jumpstarter – a treasure trove of wisdom encompassing 7+ hours of content. This exclusive bundle is your roadmap to podcasting triumph, covering key topics such as:

  • What It Takes to Create a Successful Podcast
  • 6 Ways to Grow an Audience of 1000 Superfans
  • 8 Powerful Ways to Monetize Your Podcast
  • How a Podcast Helps You Design A Life You Love & Speed Up Your Sales
  • Cathy’s Strategy to a Successful Podcast
  • How to Get Your Podcast Out to the Masses + Other Best Practices for Podcasting
  • A Crash Course in Podcasting & The Possibilities Ahead

Buy your ticket by April 21st and you'll get this amazing Bonus bundle!

 Bonus #1
Podcasting Jumpstarter

bonus #2
Podcasting Prosperity Bonus Tracks Bundle

Introducing the Podcasting Prosperity Bonus Tracks Bundle – an exhilarating virtual summit where Cathy sits down with strong, soulful women who have mastered the art of podcasting. Renowned names like Jamila Souffrant, Kelly Roach, Kelsey Murphy, Danielle Silverstein, Alison J Prince, Stefanie Gass, and Amber Lilyestrom share their invaluable insights on podcasting and its profound impact on their lives.

These conversations delve into the heart of podcasting, offering unique perspectives, challenges overcome, and the extraordinary journeys these women have embarked upon. This empowering collection of stories and wisdom will provide inspiration and guidance as your audience carves their own path in the world of podcasting.

Unlock both bundles for an all-encompassing podcasting experience that promises to elevate their journey, from creation to prosperity.

These are the perfect companions to your upcoming HER Turn to Podcast Summit!




Get your ticket now!

"I made the BEST friends, tried SO many brave new things, started a FREAKING podcast, accomplished one of my BIG dreams by moving 1,500 miles across the country, and DOUBLED my income!"


"I had no idea what to expect coming to this. I just knew that I needed to be there. As soon as it started I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. If you love Cathy and her podcast, you will feel like you have hit it big time spending two days hearing her shower you with, love, advice, ideas, support and genuine feedback. You should not miss this event!”


“I absolutely LOVED going to the workshop. I walked away with a new sense of worth and a feeling that I truly can do anything. Sometimes when you want to move towards your dream job, you need a little push away from that voice that tells you all the reasons you ‘shouldn't’ do something. This was exactly the push I needed. The speakers were so powerful and inspiring, plus I met so many like-minded individuals that I still stay in contact with today! I'm super excited to be applying everything I learned to my life back at home and can't wait to follow/attend future Cathy events!”


Frequently Asked Questions




Street parking is very limited. We recommend that you uber / lyft / or be dropped off for the event.

Q : What is the dress coDe?

Nothing fancy, we like to keep it casual :)

Q : How much do tickets cost?

The early bird pricing is $397. 

We might add a VIP tier soon - keep an eye on your inbox!


At the Harmony Gold Theater, 7655 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046

Q : Do you offer any scholarships or discounts for attending the event?


We do not offer scholarships yet we DO offer a discounted rate if you would like to purchase our self-guided podcasting course, Your Turn to Podcast.

In Your Turn to Podcast I share the step-by-step process to creating a successful podcast around your passion. It’s not a course that teaches you some basics about recording and uploading but it is a transformational experience where I guide you on how to step into yourself and create a powerful podcast that makes a difference in people's lives. We are looking forward to meeting some of our alumni live at our summit!

If want to make a meaningful impact and create a show people can't wait to listen to every week, you can now purchase the self-guided Your Turn to Podcast course WITH your “Her Turn to Podcast Summit” Ticket for only $997 (Or $97*12).

Q : Will there be networking opportunities?


Absolutely! The summit is designed to foster connections. We'll have dedicated networking opportunities, and you'll have the chance to connect with fellow podcast enthusiasts.

Q : How can I contact the event organizers with further questions?


If you have any questions please let us know at hello@cathyheller.com