Calling ALL women who find themselves constantly dreaming of a better life, yet always feeling stuck or behind…


A NEW transformative experience specifically designed to help you break free from fear and step boldly into a life of wealth, confidence, and unapologetic love for yourself!

You KNOW you were meant for more.

More wealth, more ease, more freedom, more joy.

The kind of ease that makes your eyes sparkle before you remember all the things you have to do. 

You’d FEEL it in every cell of your body if only you’d believe it were even possible for someone like you.

But then the fears creep in:

Fear that this is just a fleeting feeling and you were actually NOT meant for more

Fear of what others will think of you if they knew how much you had or wanted to have.  

FEAR is also the #1 feeling around money for the majority of women!

Fear that you will make the wrong choice and fail.

Did You Know?!

You are not alone.

You have been playing safe, playing small for long enough. 

You hold negative beliefs about money, about living boldly, about courage that you are not even aware of. 

These beliefs have been ingrained in you.

BUT the good news is these non-serving, life-limiting narratives stop this year for good. 


How do we know?

I want you to know something important – it's not your fault.


I'm a wife, mom, author of "Don't Keep Your Day Job", entrepreneur, spiritual leader, and business coach.

You might know me from the Cathy Heller Podcast: A Podcast of Soulful Entrepreneurs. This show has over 50 million downloads and was #1 on Apple's spirituality charts. 

But what really lights me up is helping you on your journey to creating a spiritually aligned and abundant life.

I've walked the path of self-discovery and wealth creation myself, so I totally get the challenges and fears that can hold you back. I've been right where you are. My mission is to empower you to break free from self-doubt, conquer those obstacles, and confidently step into the bold, spiritually enriched, and abundant life that's waiting for you. 

Which is why…

About Me • About Me • About Me •

I'm exclusively inviting you to join...

boldly abundant

A transformative 12-week experience for women ready to break free from financial constraints and elevate their prosperity. 

This isn't just a course; it's an immersive journey that merges self-discovery, financial mastery, and personal empowerment.

why it works:

live your abundant life

in 12 weeks, you will...

  • Be a fierce, confident woman who knows her worth and isn't afraid to own it

  • Master money skills: from investing and business growth to securing promotions, gain the confidence and expertise to attract financial success

  • Clear the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in ways you may not even know yet

  • Rewrite your story to match the dreams you have been too afraid to chase

  • Achieve a level of wealth you thought was only possible for "them"

  • Be proud to be boldly abundant in all areas of your life, no more playing small

Where you're stuck:

limiting yourself and playing small

letting others dictate your worth

giving fear the steering wheel

Where you're going...

you change your energy, which changes your life

know your worth & earn the $$ you deserve

build your life full of abundance & wealth

HERE'S how it works:

Weeks 1-3


We will start by uncovering your hidden beliefs that affect your relationship with money and how you attract or repel abundance without even realizing. Once you have a clear energy around money you will start seeing things shift. You will break your limiting beliefs and abundance will respond!

The person behind you may pay for your coffee or you may be offered that big promotion that you were not expecting. The stories are always amazing to hear and share!

weeks 4-6

Forge Your Prosperity Path

Hand selected top-tier guest experts will join Cathy to teach you their best tips on financial literacy, investment strategies, career growth, entrepreneurial paths, and a wealth of other essential topics to craft your pathway to prosperity.

weeks 7-9


Now that you know about the tools and you have this renewed relationship with money, it’s time to put them to use! These weeks you will take the actions steps we give you to create more wealth in your life. 

This includes training on how to claim your worth and that will reflect into your life in new-found bold action steps. You will also be trained on how to recover yourself when you hit a dip as we all do from time to time. Having a plan will ensure you get right back up!

weeks 10-12

Generosity & Beyond

It’s time to celebrate amazing women making an abundance of money and sharing it with the world! Through new daily practices and spiritual guidance you will learn how to allow money to flow in and out. Trust the universe and watch as what you give returns to you tenfold. During this last phase you will discover ways to connect and make a meaningful impact, while reviewing progress and setting goals for the next stage of your journey.

Live Weekly Classes Start
February 5th, 2024!

our empowering GUEST EXPERTS

Prepare to be guided by an extraordinary lineup of experts in Boldly Abundant. Gain insights and expertise from:

*YOUR PROGRAM MENTOR - Kelsey will be a reoccurring coach in this program to help you implement the teachings that Cathy will be sharing.

Engage in mentor sessions with Kelsey Murphy, top life & business coach who has coached thousands of women. She's a mom of 3, the host of the "Whiskey & Work" podcast and a business extraordinaire. She's ready to share invaluable insights and illuminate your path to success.

Learn the art of working less while having less stress and more abundance from Kate Northrup, bestselling author and mom of 2. With her data-infused, soul-powered money and nervous system healing work, you’ll have a way to engage with your money that allows for sustainable abundance.

Dive into the realm of "Quantum Wealth" with Amber Lilyestrom. Explore her teachings that reshape your understanding of wealth and abundance, accompanied by her generous gift, the "Master Your Money Mind" audiobook.

Learn how to upgrade your job, how to use LinkedIn plus other tools, and how to get paid more for the job you already do with Lauren McGoodwin from Career Contessa.

Empower yourself with Hilary Hendershott, a financial feminist and wealth coach. Learn once and for all how to save money, invest money, and make it an automatic part of your life.

Transform your mindset with Tracy Litt, a mindset coach and creator of the Litt Factor who lives in Florida with her husband and 3 daughters. Reprogram your mind, overcome limiting beliefs, and step into your true power, fostering a mindset of abundance and success.

Meet Jacqueline Snyder, a fashion entrepreneur and founder of The Product Boss. Specializing in product-based businesses, she guides entrepreneurs in turning their passion into profit, providing strategies for product development, marketing, and successful scaling. She lives with her husband and 2 kids in Southern California.

Embark on a journey of mindset and manifestation with Reese Evans, a renowned expert in NLP and transforming lives. Through her expertise, you'll unlock the power of manifestation, aligning your mindset with abundance, and creating a life of purpose and fulfillment. She has 2 kids and lives in Canada.

Meet Bridgette Boucha, a speaker, writer, and fractional CFO renowned for her soulful approach to financial strategy. As the author of "Money Queen," Bridgette draws from her entrepreneurial journey, helping business owners simplify their money, gain confidence in their numbers, and craft profitable businesses while living fuller lives.

Samantha Skelly, CEO of Pause Breathwork, is on a mission to empower you through the transformative practice of breathwork. As a renowned international speaker and expert in trauma healing, Samantha's breathwork sessions will guide you towards profound healing, stress release, and the empowerment to thrive in both life and business.

Discover the power of Human Design with Alexandra Cole. As a specialist in this transformative system, Alexandra will guide you to align with your unique design, unlocking your true potential and fostering a life of authenticity and abundance.

Unlock the secrets of rapid, exponential growth with Kelly Roach, the powerhouse behind Kelly Roach Coaching. In the online business landscape, where basic tactics fall short, Kelly stands out by guiding real entrepreneurs, like you, to build quickly and soundly. Kelly will help accelerate your business journey, shift from producer to leader, and turn your dreams into reality sooner.

Bonus #1

 Resistance Recovery
(Value $497 - you pay $0)

Through Boldly Abundant, we will unveil years of unconscious beliefs and release them. It's natural for your mind to play tricks on you, potentially causing a dip. In such moments, the "Resistance Recovery" bonus will anchor you in the present. It serves as a reminder to stay in the moment and trust your alignment.

Embrace the dip; it's a stepping stone to your growth.


Made for Millions
(Value $1997 - you pay $0)

"Made for Millions" presents a transformative bundle of 20 two-hour-long recorded workshops that are an absolute game-changer.

Immerse yourself in powerful insights and actionable takeaways from industry experts like Martha Beck, Amy Purdy, Jereshia Hawk, Candace Nelson, Jenna Kutcher, Brit Morin, and more.

This exclusive collection is carefully crafted to help you thrive in your journey towards greater abundance and business scalability, whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, navigating the job market, or flourishing as a freelancer. Uncover the secrets of success and unlock your potential with this unparalleled opportunity. 🌟

Bonus #2

Abundance Amplifier
(Value $997 - you pay $0)

This bonus is a bundle of our two popular workshop replays: "8K in 8 Days" AND "5 Steps to $5K Months." Discover how to swiftly tune into your money frequency, translating your inner worth into tangible wealth. Amplify your abundance and step confidently into a life of prosperity.

Bonus #3

Claim your worth, ignite your wealth

Success Stories

Natalia stepped into her worthiness

“The things I have learnt, it's just like gold.”

"Since being a part of this program, I have just stepped up into my worthiness even more. I increased my prices. I learned how to start a podcast. The things I have learnt, it's just like gold."

Kate found her way "home"

“It was just beyond my wildest dreams."”

"Within a few weeks of being in this program I felt like I was coming home. I was starting to get paid to do work that I absolutely love that I'm super passionate about. And that makes me feel totally alive. It was just beyond my wildest dreams."

Eve found self-belief


"The biggest transformation has been the mindset shift."

"It's the best investment I've ever made."

"The biggest things for me, the biggest transformation has been the mindset shift. The fact that I can believe in myself, then I have this thing that I've always had, but I hadn't taken it seriously and I spent years searching for something."

"I was hesitant as I didn't have the money to spend but made the investment and it's the best investment I've ever made. Being in Cathy's Community has helped me to live my life differently. Not only has she taught me; I’m using what I have learned every day and it’s impacting every area of my life. My mindset, my business, my health, my relationships."

select the plan that works for you:

Boldly Abundant Gold Level

12 Live Coaching Calls Led by Cathy

Exclusive Community for Connection & Networking

Soul-Searching Exercises and Meditations

Best value!

VIP Upgrade

More time with Cathy, more access to Cathy, higher level curriculum from Cathy and experts

*This is for someone who's already achieved a level of success and wants to go even further.

4 VIP-Only Mastermind Sessions on Career Growth, Networking & Financial Literacy

Proven Strategies for Bold Wealth Creation

Lifetime Access to Program Materials

4  Voxer Days With Private Group Voice Chat Access to Cathy

Get started with $497

Get started with $297



Live weekly classes start February 5th, 2024

4 Live Calls with Program Mentor Kelsey Murphy

Calls with Industry Experts

12 Live Coaching Calls + 4 Bonus VIP Deep Dive Calls Led by Cathy

Exclusive Community for Connection & Networking

Soul-Searching Exercises and Meditations

Proven Strategies for Bold Wealth Creation

Lifetime Access to Program Materials

4 Live Calls + 8 Bonus VIP Live Calls with Program Mentor Kelsey Murphy

Calls with Industry Experts


so let's get started!

A year from now you'll
wished you started today...

We have answers!



Q : WHAT IF I CAN'T ATTEND THE live coaching sessions?

Every call will always be recorded for you to watch anytime. The replays of live group sessions with Cathy and group coaching sessions with our guest expers are uploaded to your program portal so you can watch them at whatever time is convenient for you.

You have lifetime access to the materials that are recorded and in your program portal and 3 months access to the live group support.

You'll be surrounded by the live energy of the group no matter the time you soak up the content. And you can also get great support from your fellow community members anytime in the private members group.

Unlike other programs that focus solely on money or "feel good" spirituality exercises, we jump into exploring both practical financial strategies and your inner self, uncovering transformative forces that break barriers and provide tools to reshape not just your finances but your entire life.

Q: I'm worried about the time commitment. How much time will the PROGRAM require each week?

We understand your time is valuable. Boldly Abundant is designed to accommodate busy schedules, with each weekly session structured to be concise yet impactful. Expect to dedicate approximately 2-3 hours per week, allowing flexibility to learn at your own pace. You have lifetime access so you can always re-watch, come back to, or consume at your own pace.

Q: I'm concerned about the cost. Is this EXPERIENCE worth it?

Investing in your growth and empowerment is priceless. We offer various pricing options and payment plans, ensuring accessibility for all. Consider it an investment in your future, where the knowledge gained far outweighs the cost. And, let me ask you this, what's the cost of NOT taking action today? Where will you be in a year from now? 


Since this is a live program we do not offer refunds. There is incredible value and transformation awaiting you inside this experience.

When we create our life, we do so by intention. We want to welcome people into this space who are all in, who are committed to this journey (even when it feels scary to take that leap!)



If you're feeling called to this program, trust your instincts. 

The call you hear inside you is there for a reason. 
You are brave. You are worthy. You are enough.
And we are here to remind you of it.

We promise you that you are welcome in our community with all that you are, with all your shining and broken pieces. We will celebrate your wins and we will support you during your journey.

This experience is a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, and anyone ready to step into a bold and wealthy version of themselves. You may be just starting out or planning your retirement. If you are in, we are in there with you!

With Cathy’s live calls, guest expert sessions and mentor sessions, this immersive experience is designed to release your limiting beliefs and teach you to allow wealth and love in.

All you need to do is make the decision to say YES to yourself and join us.

A year from now you'll wish you had started today.

The truth is, this isn’t the first time you have thought about making a change. Daydreaming about earning a bigger paycheck, starting a business, starting a new job where your skills are valued and your income triples… but you let it stay as a daydream and let your life pass you by for another year.

How many years need to pass before you realize that THIS is actually your life? This is not a dress rehearsal.

It’s TIME to step into your power.

To take the wheel and send fear into the backseat.

Time to understand financial tools so you can make them work for you.

Time to claim that you are worthy and be the example your friends and family aspire to be.

It’s time to show yourself that it’s possible. Because it IS!

So let's get started!